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what is the function of the highway synchronous fog traffic light


what is the function of the highway synchronous fog Traffic Light

The expressway has the characteristics of fast speed, large flow, full closure, and full interchange; vehicles are required not to slow down or stop arbitrarily. Once the fog and haze weather occurs on the expressway, the visibility of the road will be reduced, which not only reduces the driver's visual recognition ability, but also causes the driver's mental fatigue, which is easy to cause judgment and operation errors, which will lead to a serious traffic accident involving multiple vehicles in a series of rear-end collisions. In response to fog accidents on expressways, the fog area safety monitoring system has received increasing attention. Among them, the high-brightness highway synchronous fog traffic light on the roadside as the road contour indicator subsystem can effectively induce traffic flow in the fog and haze weather.

The "foggy anti-collision small artifacts" installed on both sides of the expressway are warned by "yellow light guidance, or red light to slow down" to remind vehicles to slow down and safely pass foggy roads. Add flashing lights and oscillating markings at important bridges, tunnels, ramps, and bends, add reflective strips to guide the tunnel walls along the line, install lighting facilities on the extra-large bridge, and upstream from the beginning of the Tuanwu section. A set of vehicle distance confirmation signs will be added at ~2 kilometers, yellow flashing lights will be added near the lower crossing of the toll station and the lower crossing of the service area, and warning signs shall be set up.
highway synchronous fog traffic light, as system warning lights, will intelligently change the flashing color according to visibility and traffic conditions. When a vehicle enters a section where there are frequent groups of fog, the intelligent warning light of the system starts to flash yellow. When there is a vehicle in front, the warning light changes from a yellow flashing to a red flashing warning, prompting the vehicle ahead and the distance between them, all the way forward .
Drivers in the past can judge the number of vehicles by the flashing red lights in the distance. If there are many red lights, it proves that there are many vehicles, and the sparse red lights prove that there are few vehicles ahead. If there is an accident ahead, the entire section of the red warning lights will intelligently warn. The light transmittance of this lamp in foggy days is 3 times that of ordinary signal lamps.
So what is the origin of the highway synchronous fog traffic light? Classification of fog A large number of tiny water droplets or ice crystals are suspended in the air with a radius of 3-10 mm, which affects the horizontal visibility of the air. Fog is a combination of water droplets or ice crystals that reduce air visibility to within 1 km. During the year, the fog concentration varies greatly in different seasons, and the characteristics of fog production are different in different regions of my country. In addition, the fog has fluidity and unevenness, which makes the visibility of each section of an expressway different. Therefore, from the perspective of traffic safety, fog is classified according to the level of visibility, divided into mist, light fog, heavy fog, dense fog, and fog wall.
After a long period of data analysis, for the majority of motorists on the highway, the most worrying thing is the haze weather, especially the mass fog. Group fog is difficult to predict and has strong suddenness. After entering the fog area, the driver cannot accurately judge the road conditions. Once encountered an emergency, they are often confused and panicked. At this time, it is too late to take preventive measures, and rear-end collisions involving car crashes are extremely likely to occur. Tuanwu is literally called the "mobile killer" on the highway. In order to reduce the occurrence of accidents, fog lights came into being. So far, a variety of highway synchronous fog traffic light have been derived, and iron-shell highway fog lights are one of them.
So what is the function of the highway synchronous fog traffic light:
highway synchronous fog traffic light are placed in a lot of foggy areas and long downhill places. The penetrating yellow lights are mainly used to warn passing vehicles to slow down, so that vehicles in foggy areas can ensure safe driving without being affected by visibility. ; It can form linear navigation guidance in low visibility environments such as rain, fog, snow, night, etc., greatly reducing the occurrence of highway traffic accidents and ensuring the safety of manpower and material resources.
There will be protective fences on both sides of the expressway to prevent vehicles from rushing out of the road to protect vehicles and passengers and reduce losses caused by accidents. At the same time, highway fog lights will be installed on the side of the highway to prompt the driver of the road situation in time when the weather visibility is not good to determine the situation, and reduce the occurrence of accidents.

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