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ShenZhen Wide Way Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of LED traffic products .We are specilized in LED traffic signal lights ,arrow traffic lights ,solar Road Stud ,traffic countdown timer,ETC ,LED pixels cluster ,traffic guide lights .etcOur company culture is keep on science and technology innovation and we have our own research team to develop new intelligent traffic product with purpose "Keep the road more safety.Our competitive is professional and comprehensive, and we have our own factory ,so we can offer factory-direct price,strict QC before products shipping out .We also provide good after serive ,if any questions about the products or others you can contact us freely , we will give you feedback in 24 hours.
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  • Why does the solar yellow flashing light have a few lamp beads that do not light up? If you often pass through the tunnel entrance of the expressway, or when it divides into a fork in the road, there will be a solar yellow flashing light. There are often a few lights on the solar energy, or it is not bright in a small batch. Why does this happen? ? It gives people a very uncomfortable feeling, and the experience is very bad. If I give a review, I will definitely give a bad review. The yellow flashing light should not have such a problem, because this is a safety warning sign. If you lack Some lights are not bright, or the quality is not bright in a small area, then it may affect traffic safety and affect traffic accidents. Such things are very bad. What are the reasons why the solar yellow flashing light does not turn on? First, the quality of LED light-emitting diodes themselves is not good. As transportation products are getting cheaper and their prices are becoming more and more transparent, many unscrupulous merchants use very cheap LEDs for LEDs, or in other words, many people who are not in this industry have also entered. In this industry, in order to gain profits, it has repeatedly reduced prices, reduced costs, and reduced costs in many materials. In this case, the purchased materials will certainly not be very good, and the quality of LEDs will also be very poor. Far, if you want to use it for 3 or 4 years, there is no problem. This is basically impossible, so it is very important to choose a very good LED, so it can be used in the midd
  • How do the Intelligent pedestrian crossing floor tile Buried traffic lights resist pressure? The traffic light of smart zebra crossing and floor tiles has entered the public society, and it has been in public view for about five years. Many people say it is made of polymer materials, and many people say it is made of various combinations of materials. From our point of view, our company has been making traffic lights for smart zebra crossing tiles for more than 4 years. Time, then on this basis, we personally think that it should be composed of a combination of a variety of materials that are resistant to cold, heat, and pressure, and are anti-ultraviolet. The details of the Intelligent pedestrian crossing floor tile Buried traffic lights? Because our product is a mold of our own, in this small detail, we have also put a lot of hard work on smart zebra crossing materials. At the same time, we have conducted in-depth discussions with different material manufacturers. Among them, there is Zhangmutou in Dongguan, and many scientific research experts who sell plastic raw materials have talked a lot, so it comes out that a combination material of this product is mainly to resist the cold in the north, and the heat in the south. UV light does not change color, and it needs to be particularly tough. This is a requirement of this product. Therefore, after in-depth research and thinking, the development of the mold has concluded that its material is a combination of a vari
  • My encounter with Pavement Drivewaysolar road studs: On weekends, I made an appointment with a few friends to travel to Huizhou. In order to avoid the peak period of weekend driving, we made an appointment to drive at night. When driving towards a road at night (in order to save time, I found a trail to fry a short way). The street lights on both sides of the road are not lit due to road construction. Because there is no street lights, the entire road is dark, and the driver`s line of sight is very dark. The big impact has great hidden dangers to driving safety. When we drove cautiously for a while, some flashing signs began to appear on both sides of the road. These flashing signs flashed regularly on the road and played a good guiding role in road conditions with poor visibility at night. I saw the road spikes on both sides of the road, and after a while, the chaos of road vehicles originally caused by insufficient light began to slowly and orderly. The small flashing logo can actually play such a big role, and I can't help but get interested in understanding a small flashing logo. After I went back, I learned about this little flashing sign. It turns out that this little flashing sign has a nice name called-solar road stud. Let me take you to understand this little flashing sign-solar road. nail.
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