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ShenZhen Wide Way Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of LED traffic products .We are specilized in LED traffic signal lights ,arrow traffic lights ,solar Road Stud ,traffic countdown timer,ETC ,LED pixels cluster ,traffic guide lights .etcOur company culture is keep on science and technology innovation and we have our own research team to develop new intelligent traffic product with purpose "Keep the road more safety.Our competitive is professional and comprehensive, and we have our own factory ,so we can offer factory-direct price,strict QC before products shipping out .We also provide good after serive ,if any questions about the products or others you can contact us freely , we will give you feedback in 24 hours.
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  • what is the function of the highway synchronous fog traffic light The expressway has the characteristics of fast speed, large flow, full closure, and full interchange; vehicles are required not to slow down or stop arbitrarily. Once the fog and haze weather occurs on the expressway, the visibility of the road will be reduced, which not only reduces the driver's visual recognition ability, but also causes the driver's mental fatigue, which is easy to cause judgment and operation errors, which will lead to a serious traffic accident involving multiple vehicles in a series of rear-end collisions. In response to fog accidents on expressways, the fog area safety monitoring system has received increasing attention. Among them, the high-brightness highway synchronous fog traffic light on the roadside as the road contour indicator subsystem can effectively induce traffic flow in the fog and haze weather. The "foggy anti-collision small artifacts" installed on both sides of the expressway are warned by "yellow light guidance, or red light to slow down" to remind vehicles to slow down and safely pass foggy roads. Add flashing lights and oscillating markings at important bridges, tunnels, ramps, and bends, add reflective strips to guide the tunnel walls along the line, install lighting facilities on the extra-large bridge, and upstream from the beginning of the Tuanwu section. A set of vehicle distance confirmation signs will be added at ~2 kilometers, yellow flashing lights will be added near the lower crossing of the toll station and the lower crossing of the service area, and warni
  • The existing highway synchronous fog traffic light still adopt the form of street lamps, and street lamp poles are erected on the side of the highway, and street lamps are installed on the lamp poles. The existing fog lamp structure is troublesome to install, and includes the pole part when installing, which makes the cost also higher. The highway synchronous fog traffic light developed by our company through our technical team are convenient for people to install and reduce the installation cost of highway fog lights. The technical solution adopted by the highway synchronous fog traffic light is: a highway synchronous fog traffic light, including a lamp housing, an LED lamp board, a lamp shade, a connecting rod and a fixing device, the LED lamp board is arranged inside the lamp housing, and the lamp shade is arranged in The lamp housing corresponds to the surface of the LED lamp board. One end of the connecting rod is fixedly connected with the bottom of the lamp housing, and the other end of the connecting rod is connected with a fixing device. The fixing device includes a clamping block, a top block and a fastening bolt. The clamping block includes an installation area, a fixing area and a sliding area. One side of the installation area is connected with the connecting rod. The sliding area and the fixing area are arranged on the side of the installation area away from the connecting rod. The sliding area is connected to the fixing area. Relatively arrang
  • How long can a solar mobile traffic light be installed? How many days is the answer? How many days is the customer demand? Is it three days or how many days? Under normal circumstances, the time it takes for our Weimeimei is-5 days. This is the time for our company from production to installation of a set of solar mobile traffic lights. But we also made a case. A set of solar mobile traffic lights takes only one day from ordering to installation. This is the set of solar mobile traffic lights we made for Pinghu Subdistrict Office. Their request is to install at the newly built intersection. A temporary solar-powered mobile traffic light. At the beginning, the customer focused completely on pavement repair and road construction. He did not think about this temporary traffic light. He believed that every manufacturer should have it in stock and bring it. Just install it, but it`s not. Like our Shenzhen Videme Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. do this kind of solar mobile traffic lights, he has dozens of them all at once and put them there, but for some small companies, he may It needs to be assembled temporarily, so our company basically has customers in stock asking us when to install it. Our answer is to install it in one day. What should I pay attention to when installing solar mobile traffic lights?
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