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ShenZhen Wide Way Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of LED traffic products .We are specilized in LED traffic signal lights ,arrow traffic lights ,solar Road Stud ,traffic countdown timer,ETC ,LED pixels cluster ,traffic guide lights .etcOur company culture is keep on science and technology innovation and we have our own research team to develop new intelligent traffic product with purpose "Keep the road more safety.Our competitive is professional and comprehensive, and we have our own factory ,so we can offer factory-direct price,strict QC before products shipping out .We also provide good after serive ,if any questions about the products or others you can contact us freely , we will give you feedback in 24 hours.
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  • why does the car guide led arrow board turn red car guide led arrow board,led arrow board,car led arrow board Vehicle-mounted construction guidance led arrow board is an important command method and tool for construction. It is widely used in highways, expressways, municipal roads, national roads, provincial roads, general roads and other traffic lanes. For maintenance and other construction operations, instruct drivers or pedestrians to facilitate traffic flow and avoid traffic accidents and accidents. why does the car guide led arrow board turn red? We received a video from a customer today, and the customer said: I bought a yellow car guide card. Why did you send me a red car guide card? The technology opened the video and saw the problem immediately. It turned out that the voltage was high. The customer ordered the voltage of DC12V. After taking it, the customer received 24V. What will happen if the positive and negative poles of the car guide card are reversed? If the positive and negative poles of the car guide are reversed, will the car guide be burned? In m
  • Construction budget for 200mm traffic light supplier The Construction budget for 200mm traffic lights is depends on the customers request,the size and the color and the function all can cutomized by the customer. Construction budget for 200mm traffic lights What is the size of the traffic lights installed on the side of the Turpan 200mm traffic light? The side-mounted traffic signal is actually not the size of the signal light. It has a large light-emitting area, but it can be seen by the passing vehicles. Therefore, the side-mounted traffic signal lights only have red, yellow and green three-color signal lights. Let the driver friend see the color of the traffic light at this intersection from the side, so basically it will have two sizes, one is 300mm traffic light, the other is 400mm traffic light, so you can choose it. The general intersection will basically be done with a 300mm traffic signal. Traffic light function. Construction budget for traffic lights: In addition to the budget for traffic lights, the cost of construction needs to be considered. We will generate a lot of economic consumption, such as construction time, number of employees, wages, and tools applied to the construction process. Therefore, only the traffic lights prepared from the budget point of view and the demand side should be divided into the actual situation before preparation, so find t
  • What kind of glue is used for the Road Safety Car Vehicle led Light band traffic light to be firm? The new trend of the Road Safety Car Vehicle led Light band traffic light: Recently, a very special traffic light appeared on the street-a pole light with traffic lights. Some people also call it: the Plus version of the traffic light. Why do you say that? This traffic light is equipped with a luminous light strip on the traffic light pole. It can display either red or green. Drivers and friends can see clearly even if they are riding an electric bike. Friends can also see the traffic status of traffic lights; Pedestrians can also see clearly, especially our mobile phone family also find it very attractive. They will also look at the light poles with traffic lights and look at the mobile phones less. This is an improvement in people`s experience and has a great effect. , The people`s happiness index feels increased. What kind of glue is used for the Road Safety Car Vehicle led Light band tra
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