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ShenZhen Wide Way Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of LED traffic products .We are specilized in LED traffic signal lights ,arrow traffic lights ,solar Road Stud ,traffic countdown timer,ETC ,LED pixels cluster ,traffic guide lights .etcOur company culture is keep on science and technology innovation and we have our own research team to develop new intelligent traffic product with purpose "Keep the road more safety.Our competitive is professional and comprehensive, and we have our own factory ,so we can offer factory-direct price,strict QC before products shipping out .We also provide good after serive ,if any questions about the products or others you can contact us freely , we will give you feedback in 24 hours.
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  • Warning screen on high speed-solar radar speed measurement display screen: With the progress of society, more and more high-speed repairs, more and more vehicles join, and the standardization of roads is always moving forward. Many highways are also installed with solar radar speed monitors to remind drivers and friends to drive safely. , Drive carefully and prohibit speeding. Solar-powered high-speed radar speed measurement display screen in Houping, Shanxi: What we are introducing today is a high-speed solar radar speed screen located in Houping, Shanxi Province. There are a total of twelve radar speed meters installed this time. This solar radar speed measurement screen has a larger size and a width of 1.2 meters. Its height is relatively large. The height is more than two meters. This size is suitable for fast traffic on highways and can be displayed to drivers and friends. It is a large LED radar speed measurement screen. What are the functions of the solar-powered high-speed radar speed measurement display screen in Houping, Shanxi? What are the functions of the LED radar speed measuring screen of Houping, Shanxi? What kind of logos are there on it? First of all, like this kind of large LE port radar speed screen, it will display the speed of the small car, the speed of the passenger car, and the speed of t
  • Solar Dividing Light with Diamond 3M Film: Shenzhen is a leading city. It thinks perfectly in many details, and does it very carefully and humanely. It is precisely because of hard work that it makes this city more attractive and more leading. Today we learn from him Let`s talk about one of the details, then it is the diamond-level 3M film solar splitter light. The diamond-level 3M solar splitter lights are led by Shenzhen Research Institute and Shenzhen Traffic Police. Let`s talk about it first. The original component originally meant that there was a pole on the splitter with an aluminum profile logo on it. Brand, then this looks very simple and unattractive. It does not have a sense of integration, especially as the city progresses better and better, it also produces the integrated m-mode solar split that we are talking about today. Lamp, let`s take a look at his picture first. How about the effect of the diamond-level 3M film solar lane lights applied at night? First of all, this diamond grade 3M film. At night, no LED is used to emit light. When it is illuminated or car lampshade, it can be seen very clearly from a long distance, which enhances the viewing distance of the driver`s friends. We know that this place is a bifurcated intersection. The driver friend who happened some time ago, because the data is not clear, the vehicle drove to the safe island and the traffic accident was deeply analyzed. This kind of lamp can make the driver pass more safely even without LED. This 3M diamond class T
  • The high-speed radar speed screen used to have only digital display and it will display red when the speed is exceeded. It will display green when it is within the specified speed. This is the first radar speed screen we made. Now the entire highway is still very Many, then we have now made another more advanced, clearer and longer-range radar speed measurement screen. Let's now take a look at a picture of the highway radar speed screen mentioned in this article, so that everyone can understand this product more intuitively. Highway radar speed measuring screen. This is a very tall display screen. Let`s talk about a structure of this product. First, this product consists of three parts. The first is the top display screen. Your speed will be displayed through the display screen. In this case, its effect will be clearer, longer distance, higher brightness, and the display range and text will be more intuitive Clear. Highway radar speed measuring screen, the second part is its speed display part, then the top display is to displa
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